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Commission Security Officer Training CourseĀ 

In this 30 hour course of study, the student will learn about the Texas Private Security Bureau, Chapter 1702 of the Texas Occupation Code, and the Texas Administrative Rules. Professionalism, Leadership and safety issues will also be discussed. The student will be taught techniques in Non-Violent Dispute Resolution as well as the laws regarding the Use of Force, what justifies the use of force and the consequences of using excessive force. The power to arrest, responding to emergencies, report writing and firearms training are also subjects covered in this class. All students must pass both the state required written exam and the Firearms proficiency exam.

Personal Protection Officer Training Course

This 15 hour class meets all of the educational & Training requirements to become a Personal Protection Officer in the State of Texas. In this class the student will learn basic options and rules of Personal Protection. The use of force continuum, use of force laws and justification for the use of force will be reviewed. Unarmed defensive tactics will be taught and practiced in this class. Learning how to profile a client to determine the level of threat and then preparing a safety plan will subjects of interest and discussed in detail. Escorting techniques and safely transporting your principal form one location to another will also be taught is this class. Each student will experience full facial exposure to Oleoresin Capsicum Defensive Spray to gain a basic knowledge and understanding of the usage and effects of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC Spray). Each student will be required to pass the state required written exam.

Re-qualification Training Course

In order to continue working in the Security & Investigations Industry, you must complete the state required 6 hour re-qualification course every 2 years. This class will cover continuing education requirements for both your Commission Card and your Personal Protection Officer Authorization.

In this class the student will review their duties and responsibilities as a Security Officer or Personal Protection Officer. Use of Force laws, Responding to Emergencies and Report Writing will also be covered in this class. In addition, Firearms safety and basic marksmanship will be covered. The student will be required to pass a written exam as well as a firearms proficiency exam.

Concealed Handgun Training Class

You can obtain your Concealed Handgun Licensing Package at:

This class includes classroom and gun range instruction, notary services and finger prints. The student is responsible for their own gun range fees and ammunition. Eligibility requirements and the legal aspects of carrying a handgun will be taught in this class. In addition to safe handling and storage of a firearm, the student will also learn about Non-Violent Dispute Resolution, laws regarding the Use of Force, what justifies the Use of Force and the consequences for using excessive force. Basic Marksmanship will also be taught and practiced in class. The student will be required to pass the state required written exam and the firearms proficiency exam.


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